Masters of Architecture with

High Honors, University

of Pennsylvania, 1998


Bachelor of Architecture,

Cum Laude

University of Florida, 1996




Architect, Florida



Architect, Michigan







AIAH Academy of Architecture

for Health - Founding Member



Florida Healthcare Engineering

Association (FHEA)

Supporting Member

Tom brings over 20 years of healthcare experience leading teams on a variety of projects. His attention to detail allows him to thoroughly coordinate all disciplines. His involvement in all stages of a project through construction strengthens the project’s overall quality and completeness while moving the process and decision making forward.


He understands the process of working with and balancing the sometimes diverging interests of various stakeholders in a positive consensus-building environment.


At CDG, we feel there is a simple formula for successful

projects. Effort, Efficiency & Excellence.

Effort: CDG works. We work for our clients in a way that is

consistent, thoughtful and creative. Our team can be counted on to lead projects by being prepared and being out in front of any issue. Bottom line is we are there for you.

Efficiency: We understand that design can by anything but a straight lined process. Critical issues are studied, molded and repeatedly refined to meet the exact requirements of a project. To that end, we strive to be efficient in what we do so we can spend the right amount of time on each and every issue. Some design decisions take more time than others.


CDG understands the value and magnitude of design decisions which allows us to prioritize and be efficient in what we do.


Excellence: The CDG Team is committed to making your project the best it can be—helping to realize your Goals and Visions. Excellence is part of the package. Excellence is being able to bring to bear aspects of a project not typically considered, aspects of a project that can only be understood by completing many projects of that type. Having done numerous small to medium size projects throughout the State, we are able to truly bring specialized knowledge to your project; to be able to spot potential issues before they alter a project.



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