WEST BOCA MEDICAL CENTER, Womens and Childrens Tower Renovation, Boca Raton, Florida

Project Details


Square Footage:

37,700 sqft New

11,500 sqft Renovation



planning , design ,

construction phase services




West Boca Medical Center is a Women’s

and Childrens Hospital. To continue to

develop their offerings in this service

line, they wanted to add a new Women’s

and Children Tower.


The new tower accommodates a range

of services for the Hospital most of which

is ante-partum. The tower adds 37,700

square feet to the existing Hospital

campus which was under a strict square

footage quota dictated by a legacy

master plan.


The new tower was designed as three

floors with future vertical expansion for a

fourth to better align with other patient

towers on campus. The first floor program

includes a new 32 bed well-baby

nursery and 8 LDR(P) rooms. The second


and third floors include private patient

rooms and associated support spaces

including child play area.


The new tower has a dedicated entry and

secure, but direct access via elevator to

the two patient floors above. This allows

the Hospital to ‘brand’ itself formally

as a Women’s and Children’s Center of



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