ST. MARY'S MEDICAL CENTER, Pharmacy USP 797 Upgrade, West Palm Beach, FL

Project Details


Square Footage:

4,500 sqft



Design and construction

phase services, equipment coordination, coordination with Board of Pharmacopoeia.

St. Mary’s Medical Center requested design and construction phase services for the complex renovation of the existing main pharmacy.


The existing pharmacy is a high volume facility serving diverse patient populations including adults and children. The Pharmacy also prepares chemotherapy drugs. The existing compounding function was located in a 1950’s portion of the existing hospital building.   This condition made renovation in-place impractical due to structure and floor-to-floor constraints.  The design solution included ‘swapping space’ with an adjacent department whereby new sterile compounding space could be designed and constructed.

The solution allowed the existing pharmacy department to maintain complete functionality, as well as reduced construction costs associated with building temporary facilities and in-place phasing constraints. The result is a highly functioning, compliant, high volume pharmacy with an ISO 5 compounding room and appropriately designed support spaces.

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